Apple Storage Room Chiller in Sri Lanka

//Apple Storage Room Chiller in Sri Lanka

Apple Storage Room Chiller in Sri Lanka

Room Chiller (also called chiller room, cold room) is mainly used to keep stored products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers in fresh condition. Fruit chiller room temperature range is often set at -5~10℃. We can enjoy fresh foods in our daily life even we are in anti-season with the help of chiller room.

Specifications of Apple Storage Room Chiller

Our Sri Lanka customer is the fruit importer and wholesaler, he needs chiller room for long time fruit storage. Storage room chiller can keep fruits like apples be fresh for even more than 3 months.

  • Apple Room Chiller Size: 10m(L)*10m(W)*4m(H)
  • Usage: Fruit company for apple storage
  • Apple Room Chiller Temperature: 0-5
Apple Storage Chiller Room in Sri Lanka

Apple Storage Chiller Room in Sri Lanka

Typical configurations of Apple Storage Room Chiller

PU panel

The thickness PU panel of the apple chiller room is 100mm covered with 0.5mm galvanized steel.

Onlykem CFC free polyurethane insulated panels are environment friendly raw materials, no harm for stored fruits.

Refrigeration unit system

The apple chiller storage room is equipped with American Copeland scroll compressor condensing unit. It has the advantages of ow noise, low abrasion, and low maintenance rate.

Unit cooler

The unit cooler has hydrophilic foil and axial fan which is features anti-corrosion, long life span, Low noise and large airflow.

Apple Storage Room Chiller in Sri Lanka

Apple Storage Room Chiller in Sri Lanka

Apples needs to be packaged well before putting into storage room chiller to avoid collision, dawdle and squeeze, so that it can prevent moisture loss.

After storage, when apples temperature reach about 5, then stacking them together. Within 3-5 days, we need to make fruit temperature to be 0. Apples those are with small plastic bags packed need to be sealed and stacked when temperature reach lower than 5. I hope our customer could use chiller room properly, we will get fresh apples.

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