Walk in Coldroom is the widely used cold storage room model to keep foods, fruits or vegetables in fresh condition. The cheery walk in coldroom  manufactured by ONLYKEM was successful running for Chile customer. We always consider fruit features, for example, some fruits need humidity for better storage, and other fruits need atmospheric conditions to prolong the storage time, our engineers design it professionally according to fruits features, so our walk in coldroom can keep fruits for long time.  We will design, manufacture and guide installation for you according to your requirements.

Cherry walk in coldroom for sale in Chile

Why does cherry need walk in coldroom to keep?

Cherry belongs to berry which is hard to keep fresh with much juice. Cherry gets ripping early, after the harvest, physiological metabolism is exuberant, so the lifespan period of cherry is very short, cherry shouldn’t get touched with water. Cherry stalks can not be removed, and we need to put it in a ventilated place, cherry can not be squeezed, all of these solutions could ensure the good appearance of the cherry. Without walk in coldroom, it is hard for us to keep cherry in fresh condition for long time. That is why there are so many walk in coldrooms in usage.

How to keep cherry with walk in coldroom?

Cherry storage including two steps. Our Chile customer ordered one pre-cooling room and one walk in coldroom from us. Now let me introduce their details as follows:

1.First step is pre-cooling it inside pre-cooling room, when people collect cherry from farm, cherry temperature is similar to ambient temperature which is around 25 to 30 degrees celsius, it is going to get stale under so high temperature, so it need pre-cooling to cool down be 5 degrees celsius within short time.

Pre-cooling room details as follows:

Cherry walk in coldroom for sale in Chile

Dimension: 5m*5m*2.5m

Temperature: -30 degrees celsius

Compressor: German brand Bitzer compressor

Some customers may have a question about pre-cooling temperature, why do we need -30 degrees celsius? It is very low temperature, will the cherry get damaged with so low temperature? Our answer is no. In the pre-cooling process, room temperature is not same with cherry temperature, with -30 degrees celsius room temperature, it can cool down cherry temperature soon, after some hours, cherry temperature was cooled to be 5 degrees celsius, we transfer them into walk in coldroom for fresh storage.

2.Second step is transferring cherry into walk in coldroom after the pre-cooling.

Walk in coldroom details

Walk in Cold room for Cherry Storage in Chile

Dimension: 10m*10m*2.5m

Temperature: 0 -5 degrees celsius

Compressor: German brand Bitzer compressor

Generally, the suitable storage temperature for cherry is 0~5 °C, the freezing point of cherry is about -2 °C. Therefore, if the storage temperature is too low for cherry, which is easy to cause the cold damage for cherry fruits, it is not conducive for cherry storage and preservation. In addition, the suitable relative humidity for the cherry storage and preservation is about 90% to 95%, so we added humidifier in walk in coldroom for our Chile customer.

Advantage of OnlyKem walk in coldroom

1.PU sandwich panels for walk in coldroom:

Walk in Cold room for Cherry Storage in Chile

We upgraded raw materials for PU sandwich panels, we upgraded original FC11 to HCFC-141B, HCFC-141B is more environmental friendly than FC11. In addition, we adjusted the ratio of each raw material, density has updated to be 44KGS/M3 now, the previous density is 40KGS/M3. With new density, insulation is more better. In a word, current PU panels are more environmental friendly than previous panels, it is not only contributed for World environment, but also healthful for cherry storage inside of walk in coldroom.

2.Condensing unit for walk in coldroom

Specification: Condensing unit includes New original German brand Bitzer compressor, crankcase heater, vibration absorber, air cooled condenser with large heat exchange area, axial fan, liquid receiver tank, sight glass, dry filter, solenoid valve, dual pressure switch, dual pressure gauges, oil separator, suction accumulator, etc.

Advantages: Our condensing unit is complete, including all components, some suppliers do not include oil separator or vibration absorber, it is not good for whole system running in long terms. In addition, we use Danfoss brand for some important components, such as Danfoss sight glass, solenoid valve, pressure gauges, it could extend long lifespan, some suppliers use other brand components for them, there is big quality difference between them.

Why choose us?

OnlyKem Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading cold room and refrigeration unit designer, manufacturer and exporter dedicated in supplying finest quality walk in coldroom solutions to Worldwide customers. There are many projects in many different countries now, such as the USA, Canada, German, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Afrian countries, Southeast Asia countries and so on. We have mature and advanced technology in refrigeration field, we have experienced engineers, OnlyKem aim to build our walk in coldroom in all countries of the World!