Cold room panels manufacturer is highly recommended for commercial and industrial cool room, freezer room, blast freezer applications as well as industrial prefabricated applications. As a leading cold room panels manufacturer in China, we keep on investing more than 1,000,000 dollars to update the automatic manufacturing production lines and basic product facilities. We try our best to explore newest environmental friendly raw materials for PU sandwich panels manufacture. Our mission is to delivery high quality PU sandwich panels for best cold room insulation. Our aim is to promote cold chain development with our PU sandwich panels in the World!

Firstly, as a leading cold room panels manufacturer, there are following advantageous production conditions in our workshop.

1. Big production area. There are over 8000 square meters area for manufacturing PU sandwich panels, our daily PU sandwich panels output is about 3000 square meters. We can guarantee fast production and delivery time for you.

Cold room panels manufacturer

2. Automatic manufacturing production lines: we introduced new production CNC equipment for manufacturing PU sandwich panels, we can set foaming time and temperature accordingly. The foaming time of each panel is 30 to 40 minutes, so the density is uniform and the size is stable.

Cold room panels manufacture machine

3. Professional production workers. We have professional mangers in every production step such as raw materials preparation, quality control and after-production quality test, we guarantee PU sandwich panels be high quality, flat and elegant appearance.

4. Reputable raw materials manufacturers: we cooperated with them for more than 10 years, including polyurethane raw materials manufacturer and steel manufacturer, we choose high quality from the source.

Secondly, as a leading cold room panels manufacturer in China, how to guarantee PU sandwich panels quality?

PU sandwich panels.

1. We have QA and QC system to ensure our raw material with good quality.

We cooperated with Wanhua company for more than 10 years which is the largest chemical raw material production factory, Wanhua occupied 70% market in this field. They provide COA Test Report for us, good quality is highly guaranteed .

We manufacture 0.426mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm thickness color steel or stainless steel for the panels, the steel plate on the basis of galvanized plate plus two plating and two baking to make it anti-rust.

2. We have CNC equipment to set accurate foaming temperature and time for the panels.

The CNC equipment can control the PU sandwich panels with same quality. Because of the different PU sandwich panels thickness, we set different foaming time accordingly on the equipment.

3. Density of PU sandwich panels influences the insulation.

After production, we weigh the weight and measure the volume of PU sandwich panels, we remove the density of outer steel, to ensure accurate density of PU sandwich panels.

4. We also pay more attention to the panel appearance be good-looking

We have special workers to clean the panels and make all panels neat.

Every step of the production process is controlled strictly. We never forget our mission which is to delivery high quality panels for customers.

Thirdly, as a leading cold room panels manufacturer in China, how to guarantee safe delivery and simple installation of the panels?

PU sandwich panels loading
  1. For the package, if it is FCL loading condition, we use paper corner or plastic film to package the panels well, this is safe and economic way for customers. If it is LCL loading condition, we use pallet or plywood box to package all the panels well, it can guarantee safety in long transport time.
  2. For the installation drawing, our engineer will design each panel size according to cold room size. We will mark numbers on each panel to promise convenient installation!

OnlyKem PU sandwich panels features

PU sandwich panel

OnlyKem PU sandwich panels are designed for a fast and easy cold room assembly. It comprises of two steel skins ( pre-painted galvanized steel or stainless steel ) that are bonded with high pressure injected polyurethane foam with tongue and groove joint system complete with cam-locking mechanism.

Cam lock is a device that is embedded at precise locations alongside the edges of PU sandwich panels. The cam lock fasteners come in pairs; One male cam lock latch and one female cam lock receptacle. PU sandwich panels are joined together in required lengths to assemble partition walls, ceilings and floor. It is well organized Tongue&Groove system which utilizes the cam locks to achieve superior tightness and insulation. Panels slip into place allowing for easy and rapid installation, whilst improving structural strength and thermal efficiency and also appearing a clean, smooth aesthetic looking.

OnlyKem cold room panels manufacturer is equipped with automatic production lines. We had 12 years of experiences of manufacturing PU Sandwich Panels with daily output up to 3,000 square meters. We have competitive advantages in supplying chain management, optimized manufacturing process and quality control which power us to keep high product quality, shorter delivery time and competitive cost to meet the demands of our Worldwide customers. Most products had been kept up with the international forefront counterparts. Some of them have enjoyed leading position. OnlyKem PU Sandwich Panels have been exported in more than 50 countries around the World.