Ice Cream Cold Room Freezer In Spain

//Ice Cream Cold Room Freezer In Spain

Ice Cream Cold Room Freezer In Spain

Ice cream cold room freezer is extensively used in ice cream factory, restaurant, supermarket, KFC, etc. The main function of Ice cream cold room freezer is to keep the ice cream frozen and fresh for a long time.

Our typical ice cream freezer solutions are between -18~-25°C.  Why is freezing so important to consider?

Ice cream has some unfrozen water associated with it at the typical serving temperature range of -15°C to -18°C. Without this unfrozen water, the ice cream would be too hard to scoop.

ice cream cold room freezer
ice cream cold room freezer panel

Our Spanish customer purchased one set ice cream freezer room from Onlykem. He is very satisfied with running effect and is very satisfied with our service and product .

Specification of ice cream cold room freezer in Spain

No Item Specifications
1 Dimension 2.4×2.2×2.4m
2 Usage Ice cream freezer
3 Temperature -18~-25°C
4 Panel 150mm thickness pu panel with 0.426mm color steel
5 Door 150mm thickness hinged door, with electric heater
6 Compressor Original New Bitzer compressor 3HP
7 Evaporator DJ20 CE certificate evaporator
8 Voltage 380V/50HZ/3Phase
ice cream cold room freezer evaporator
ice cream cold room freezer condensing unit

Advantage of ice cream cold room freezer:

1.Excellent thermal insulation with CFC FREE PU panel

2. Large cooling capacity with original Bitzer compressor

3. Consuming low power because of reasonable refrigeration system design

4. Easy installation with CAD drawing and cam-lock

5. Convenient maintenance

OnlyKem is the professional cold room manufacturers who is committed to design, manufacture and export our walk in freezer room, chiller room, blast freezer room, etc. We can give you a professional suggestion based on your application. OEM, ODM, custom design and fabrication are also available.

If you have any questions or inquiries,  please contact us at, we will reply as soon as possible. Choose OnlyKem , fresh life with you always!

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