Walk in Freezer Room in Myanmar

//Walk in Freezer Room in Myanmar

Walk in Freezer Room in Myanmar

Walk in Freezer Room

If you are planning to storage plenty of frozen foods , believe walk in freezer room is a pretty good choice , it is one of the most effective and economical methods available. Temperature normally keep 20°C set-point with a control tolerance ±5°C inside of freezer room ,will help keep food quality fresh.

Some of customer chose multiple separate freezer before , but the dimension of walk in freezer room can be customized as you wish and it is more cost effective and energy efficient than multiple separate freezers.

Our Myanmar customer ordered one set large freezer room from us , it was divided into several small walk in freezer for different kinds of frozen food storage. Prevent the taste of all kinds of food together, influence the good taste of foods.

Walk In Freezer Room In Myanmar

Key Points:

  1. There are many columns in the customer’s warehouse , we produced extra more pu panels winding around the column to prevent the loss of cold storage cooling capacity.
  2. To make the freezer room more beautiful and strong , 3mm anti-sliding aluminum plate above the floor panel.

Specification of walk in freezer room in Myanmar:

Dimension : 23.16×20.6×2.2m.

Panel thickness: 120mm with 0.426mm color steel

Cam-lock connection , White interior / exterior finish.

Evaporating temp: -30℃

Condensing temp: +40℃

Condenser type: Evaporating condenser

Compressor: Bitzer compressor.

Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3Phase

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walk in freezer room

OnlyKem is professional cold room manufacturers , committed to design, manufacturer , and export our walk in freezer room, chiller room , blast freezer room etc. We can give you a professional suggestion based on your application. OEM, ODM, custom design and fabrication are also available.

If you have any questions or inquiries,  please contact us at sale@coldroomplus.com we will reply as soon as possible. Fresh life with you always!

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