Walk in Chiller Rooms is extensively used in food factory, restaurant, supermarket, KFC, etc. The main function of walk in chiller rooms is to keep the food frozen and fresh for a long time.

Walk in chiller rooms includes PU sandwich panel, cold room door, condensing unit and evaporator. Walk in chiller used for green bean or other kinds of food can keep goods fresh for months.

If you have a plan to store plenty of green bean, professional engineer give you a suggestion, walk in chiller room is the best choice for you. Not only it is more effectively, but also can save your cost. And it can be customized according to your requirements. Temperature can normally keep in -18℃ to -25 ℃. Green bean will be store in the walk in chiller rooms which have low temperature to prevent deterioration or germination. 

walk in chiller rooms

Features of walk in chiller rooms for green bean 

1. The Walk in chiller rooms is built with polyurethane sandwich panels which is easy to mount and to disassemble or enlarge if necessary.

2. The panels are joined by means of cam-lock. Easy for connection, save the installation service charge fees.

3. The external and inner panel cover is of galvanized steel sheet. The heat insulation is of rigid foam polyurethane.Higher support strength and better stability.
4.  The floor panels are reinforced and they withstand distributed load up to 2000 kg / SQ Meters.
5. The cold room is equipped with anti – explosion lamps. Freon R404A is used as refrigerants. More safety and more environment friendly.
6. The prefabricated walk in chiller room are intended for cooling and storage of perishable products-cooled or froze.
7. The walk in chiller rooms should be installed in a sheltered place away from direct sunshine, dust and rain. In order to protect it well, will have long service life.
8. Depending on the cooling temperature maintained, the walk in chiller rooms can be:
– for medium temperatures from + 15℃ to -5℃.
– for low temperatures from -15℃ to -60℃.
9. According to the conditions of work the walk in chiller room are available from +5℃ up to + 45℃ ambient air temperature.

Successful case of walk in chiller rooms for green bean in USA

No. Item Specifications
1 Dimension 18.3×5.5×4.8m
2 Usage Store green bean
3 Temperature -20℃
4 Panel 150mm thickness PU sandwich panel
5 Door 150mm thickness sliding door with electric heater
6 Compressor Original Bitzer brand (2 sets)
7 Evaporator DD250 (2 sets)
8 Voltage 220v/60hz/3phase

Customer received our goods and very satisfied with our product. During the long distance shipment, the goods are protected very well. After the walk in chiller rooms were running a few month, that customer send us very favorable feedback and plan to build a new project next year. Then we build a long terms business cooperation relationship.

chiller rooms
OnlyKem coldroom

Main parts of Walk in chiller rooms for bean in USA

1. 150mm thickness sandwich panels of walk in chiller room

  • Low thermal conductivity, good insulation, good stability, long lifetime
  • Good insulation, high compressive ability
  • Built-in cam- lock, good insulation performance, easy to install. Reducing installation costs
  • Cam- lock connection between wall and roof panels, the whole frame. High stability
  • Thickness is enough, good insulation for low temperature
  • 426mm thickness color steel anti- corrosion and have enough support intensity
PU panel for chiller room
PU panel Insulation

2. 150mm thickness sliding door with electric heater for walk in chiller rooms

  • High security. Sliding doors are equipped with escape device system
  • According to customer’s requirement, customized sliding door as 1.5x2m
  • Polyurethane material, so the insulation effect is better. with poor thermal conductivity, long service time
  • Anti- corrosion, beautiful, low cost. Comply with food safety standards.
  • Customized size, it is convenient for customers to use forklift, loading and unloading
sliding door for chiller room
sliding door

3. Condensing unit with original Bitzer brand compressor

  • Original new compressor (machine code can query). Have quality assurance
  • Bitzer brand compressor is suitedfor low temperature freezing, and compared to other brand compressor, the same power large amount of cold, fast cooling
  • High quality, large cooling capacity, stable performance
  • Open type condensing unit, moderate cost, easy to maintain
  • Customized voltage to meet different countries requirements
condensing unit for chiller room
condensing unit for chiller room

4. DD250 low temperature unit cooler of walk in chiller room

  • Blue fins/Hydrophilic aluminum foil, there are Anti-corrosion material in its surface. Good anti-corrosion performance
  • Better Anti- corrosion performance, more suitable for evaporator using environment
  • CE quality certification. Have quality assurance
  • The cooling effect is related to the total length of the copper pipe, and the sufficient number of pipes can ensure enough cooling capacity
  • Customized voltage, suitable for different countries electrical requirements
  • Galvanized sheet spray process, good corrosion resistance
  • Hydrophilic aluminum foil, high heat transfer efficiency, good defrost effect
  • 100% heat transfer area, fully reliable
evaporator for chiller rooms
evaporator for chiller rooms

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