Cold rooms are the effective facilities to keep the finest quality of stored products like fruit, vegetables, beverages, flowers, meat, seafood, medicine, cheese, eggs and other fresh foods, they are walk-in storage facilities in controlled temperature conditions. Onlykem Technology Co., Ltd is the leading cold room and refrigeration unit designer, manufacturer and exporter dedicated in supplying finest quality cold room solutions to worldwide customers. We have over 20 professional cold room experts and 8,000 square meters factory. Our innovative, high quality products and solutions include Cold Room, Freezer Room, Unit Cooler, Condensing Unit,  Cold Room Door and PU Panel, etc. Product innovation and customer satisfaction are our long term commitment to all our partners. OnlyKem had been always worked hard to become the leader in providing customized cold storage solution to meet your refrigeration demands since its foundation in 2002. Hope to be your cold storage partners.

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OnlyKem had been manufacturing and exporting cold rooms and refrigeration system solutions for over 15 years

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Cold room (also called cool room) is a walk-in storage facility in controlled condition to keep a consistent temperature, it is widely used to preserve the quality of stored products like fruit, vegetables, beverages, flowers, medicine, cheese, eggs and other fresh foods. Our typical cold room temperature ranges from -10°C to 10°C. Our innovative, high quality and intelligent controlled cold room solutions have the characteristics of customized design, modular installation, energy saving, easy maintenance and long life span. More information available…

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Freezer room (also called blast freezer) is a kind of cold room with lower storage temperature from  -40°C to -10°C, it is equipped with more thicker doors, PU panels and more powerful condensing units than cool room. Freezer room addresses cold storage concerns of storing material reliably at consistently low temperature and fast cooling speed, so it can keep such stored products like sea food, meat or ice scream in fresh quality. They can be customized any sizes to meet your specific requirements. Get more information about our Freezer Room…

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Unit Cooler is commonly used for optimal distribution of cooled air in refrigerated cold rooms. OnlyKem brand unit cooler is specially designed and manufactured with special profile aluminum fins and new inner grooved copper tubes. Our unit coolers can be adapted from low velocity, low profile to heavy-duty cooler and freezer models with electric or hot gas defrost configurations. It is the important component of cold room. It has the features of high heat exchange efficiency, easy to install and maintain. See more on our unit coolers …

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Condensing unit is composed of compressor, condenser, oil separator, fan motor and electric controller. It pumps vaporized refrigerant from the evaporator, compresses, liquifies and returns it to the refrigerant controller. A versatile line of air cooled, water cooled and remote condensing units for cold rooms are provided and integrated with energy efficiency, serviceability and full selection of standard features and options to meet any commercial refrigeration applications. Get more detailed information about condensing unit…

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Cold room door is crucial to maintain the inside condition stable and keep the cold room safe. Hinged, sliding and swing type doors are commonly selected for cold rooms. All our cold room doors are made with the CFC-free insulated PU panel, stainless steel or galvanized steel that meet EC/USDA international hygiene standards, they are available in customized sizes and structure for temperature ranges from -36°C to 10°C. It has the characteristics of perfect sealing, reliable, safe and easy to operate manual or automatically. More information available…

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The CFC-free insulated PU panel (Polyurethane Panel) is commonly used as the cold storage panels due to its advantageous mechanical, chemical, biological and moisture properties, it is excellent to prevent thermal conductivity, restrain growth of fungi, keep out moisture ingress. The out layer can be coated with stainless steel or galvanized steel that meet EC/USDA international hygiene standards, they are are available in customized sizes and structure for temperature ranges from -36°C to 10°C. See more on our PU Panels…

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Turn Key Solution. Integrated Product & System Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Site Installation and Service are available.

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Over 15 years cold room industry experience. We had been provided cold room products and solutions to over 45 countries.

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Superior quality.  Finest qualified materials, excellent manufacturing processes, strict quality assurance and customized installation.

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Competitive factory price is our key point to win the market.  Customized Design &  Manufacturing, OEM and ODM available.

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Win with our partners. Product innovation, customer satisfaction and best service are our long term commitment to our partners.

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OnlyKem Technology had been specializing in delivering turn key cold room and refrigeration unit to worldwide customers. In recent years, we have been keeping on investing in technological innovation,  integrated cold room design and modular customization, remote monitor and control system. All the safe and efficient operation of cold rooms in milk factory, slaughter factory, supermarkets, food shops or restaurants can be satisfied with our customized solutions by our professional staffs and solid technologies.

We had provided many types of effective and states of the art cold rooms to over 45 countries. Our customers are from Swiss, Sweden, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan, Spain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Guyana, Mongolia, Chile, Peru, Dubai, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Bahrain, etc.

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