Fruit Cold Storage Room is the widely used professional cold room to storage fruit or vegetable. Our successful installed fruit cold storage room further validates the vast refrigeration market in Uzbekistan, especially in fruit storage.

fruit cold storage room for sale

Uzbekistan has a severe arid continental climate. Rainfall is concentrated in the eastern area. Winter is short and summer is hot and long. The average temperature in July is 26~32℃, the daytime temperature in the south is often as high as 40℃, the winter is short and cold, the average temperature in January is -6~-3℃, and the minimum temperature in the north is -38℃.

As the climate changes, people are most concerned about how to store the fruits, so how to keep the fruit fresh? For fruit planting industry and fruit sellers, the most important concern is the construction of fruit cold storage room. Let’s see how OnlyKem analyses it for our customers in Uzbekistan.

When building a fruit cold storage room, we must know that the preservation cold room is designed to inhibit the activity of microbes and enzymes, and to enable fruits  to achieve a long-term preservation function.

The technique of keeping fresh in cold storage is to keep the stored fruit fresh at low temperature. Generally speaking, the temperature of the fruit should be limited to about 0 to 15 degrees. Keeping fresh and cold storage can effectively reduce the incidence of pathogenic bacteria, reduce the phenomenon of fruit decay.

It can also slow down the respiration and metabolism of fruits, thus preventing decay and prolonging the storage time of fruits, which is why we need to build fruit cold storage room. With the emergence of cooling machinery, it is possible to allow preservation techniques to be carried out after a phenomenon of rapid freezing, so that the quality of stored fruits can be preserved by a large margin.

When fruit cold storage room is built, polyurethane is generally used as material, and high pressure foaming technology can produce different length, different specifications of the insulation sandwich panel, so that the needs of different customers can be met.

Next, let’s show you the details of the project of OnlyKem fruit cold storage room in Uzbekistan.

Fruit Cold Storage Room for Sale in Uzbekistan Project Overview

Size: 12m(Length)*9m(Width)*5m(Height)

Temperature: 0+5 degree

Voltage: 380v/50Hz/3Ph

Fruit Cold Storage Room Installation parts

PU panel

  • Material: CFC-Free polyurethane, it is international standard of environmental protection material, good quality assurance
  • Metal sheet: Color steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel, etc. can be provided
  • Density: 44kg/m3, foaming time:30~40 minutes, good insulation
  • Thickness:100mm for fruit cold storage room, 50mm,75mm,120mm,150mm,200mm can be provided
PU panel for cold storage room

Sliding door

  • Size: 1.5*2m for fruit cold storage room, the size can be customized
  • Sliding door built-in metal frame
  • The edge of the door frame is provided with a low temperature resistant sealing strip
  • Stainless steel hinge and door lock
  • Door frame with built-in cam-lock
  • Use stainless steel rails
  • Stainless steel screw bolt
Sliding door for fruit cold room
Stainless steel sliding door

Fruit Cold Storage Room Cooling system

Condensing unit

  • Fruit cold storage room condensing unit is equipped with famous brand compressor, German Bitzer, vibration absorb, oil separator, air cold condenser, axial fan, oil receiver, dry filter, sight glass, solenoid valve, dual pressure switch, dual pressure gauge, etc.
  • New generation ofcondensing unit with Ozone friendly refrigerants, R404a, R407c, R507c, etc.
  • Designed for ambient temperature of up to 52°
  • High pressure safety cut off with manual reset.
  • Axial fan motor, high air flow with low noise.
  • Air cooled condensing unit, high performance and convenient.
  • Over 363 PSI dry nitrogen gas pressure test after completion of the piping circuit. no any leak.
fruit cold storage Condensing unit in factory

Air cooler

  • Model: 4 sets of DL-105 air cooler with more balance cooling capacity.
  • Blue fins/Hydrophilic aluminum foil:there are Anti-corrosion material in its surface,it have good anti-corrosion performance.
  • Wavy fins: it can form air flow and speed air flow.
  • Stainless steel screws: Better Anti-corrosion performance ,more suitable for evaporator using environment.Better Anti-corrosion performance and longtime using, beautiful.
  • Wall-hanging type: Easy to install,saving space,save install cost.
  • Acceptable OEM: Save time and effort, convenient to facilitate brand promotion for customer.
Air cooler for fruit cold storage room

Matters needing attention in fruit cold storage room

  • Check and maintain all equipment 1 month before fruit storage.
  • Thoroughly clean the walls, doors, floors and ceilings of the cold storage, and thoroughly disinfect the cold storage and fruit baskets before or after the storage.
  • 3-5 days before storage to start cooling, so that the storage temperature in accordance with the storage temperature requirements.
  • The fruit should be pre-cooled before storage, and the storage temperature should be adjusted, especially the temperature of the fruit which is sensitive to the temperature.
  • The storage should be carried out in batches by stages, not too much at one time, the daily volume of storage can account for 1/5 /-1/10 of the storage capacity, otherwise, the heat brought into the field at one time is too much, the reservoir temperature is difficult to fall back, and the fluctuation is great.
  • Fruit by a certain form of stacking, stacking bottom to pad with stone or sleepers, and so on. The direction of the stack should be consistent with the direction of the wind in the storehouse.In order to make the air flow in the cold room, the stacking code should not be too crowded, the palletizing and wall palletizing should be kept about 1 meter. There should be about 80 cm between the top of the stack and the ceiling or ceiling duct, the distance between the stack and the evaporator should be kept at least 2 meters. The fruit close to the evaporator or tuyere is liable to freeze damage.
  • In the same cold room, it is best to store only one kind of fruit and try to avoid mixed storage of different properties.

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